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Summer 2022 Art Commissions

Total budget: 500 euros. Payment via Paypal.

Contact: or @isilanka on twitter. 

Commission amount: depending on price. I am ideally looking for at least 3-4 illustrations, but I am equally open to big/complex illustrations (a piece of scenery, character art) than smaller pieces (a single object, a ship doodle, etc).

Amount of commissions per artist: depending on various factors. Ideally, I’d like to commission several artists, and no more than 2-3 illustrations per artist. All of that can be adjusted, obviously.

Type of content: General illustration for website articles/banners and publications, as well as personal use. I am specifically looking for environments and characters/outfits but the actual content of the commissions can be discussed further. No NSFW content. Focus on character and environment art, though a starship or two are fine as well.

Licensing and crediting: Starmoth concepts (i.e all the lore I wrote and made) are under a Creative Commons Licence (CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0) and that also extends to most of the illustrations. However, commissioned art can be under any licence you wish to use, and artists are systematically credited and linked to on the site. A specific “artist page” can be made as well. The art will not be commercially used.

Timetable: Before the heat death of the universe, if possible.

Elements provided: I’ll systematically provide a detailed concept, references and lore for the individual illustrations.

Artstyle and aesthetics: Starmoth is hard-ish scifi with solarpunk and occasionally retro elements. It veers more on the side of verisimilitude than hard realism. I am open to a wide variety of artstyles, but in general I would like Starmoth art to veer on the side of bright, optimistic scifi.

Because pictures are clearer than words, the Mass Effect 1 concept art has been a great inspiration in visualising and planning Starmoth. (Reference for the overall vibe, not necessarily the style and/or the amount of detail/complexity).

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